Do you ever wonder why pornography should be a public health crisis?

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Promise Keeper's Interview

Kirk Giles from Promise Keeper's Canada interviews Glendyne Gerrard on the topic of sexual exploitation and the role men can play in ending it. 

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“Violent and degrading sexually explicit material, in which the majority of violence is directed at women, is easily accessible to anyone with an access to the internet, without restriction,” said MP Viersen. “As the medical community has discovered, this is having a significant harmful impact on the mental, emotional and sexual health of children, women and men.”

- MP Viersen -


Hope Lives Here is a photo exhibit that features stunning portraits of five women from across Canada who have more than survived sexual exploitation.

The exhibit honours their courage, resilience, faith, determination and perseverance.  They have each achieved accomplishments through advocating for justice, by influencing the trajectory of our culture so that women will no longer be viewed as commodities, and by helping women and children leave sexual exploitation and violence. 

Their hope will inspire you to hope that lives can change, be transformed, and that it is possible to end sexual exploitation in Canada!

Contact us on how to bring the exhibit to your church.

Freedom Racers
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If you suspect someone is being sexually trafficked or exploited please contact Crime Stoppers  1.800.222.8477 or call the Human Trafficking National Crisis Line  1.866.528.7109