Defend Dignity is pleased that Bill C-36 has now been passed through the Senate and received Royal Assent on November 6th, 2014.

The Bill will become law in our country in 30 days.

Thank you to the countless survivors, front line agencies, police and experts who gave of themselves to bring this about. Thank you to our political leaders for recognizing that exploited people are victims and need protection. Thank you for criminalizing the buyer of sexual services. Special thanks to MP Joy Smith for her tireless and courageous work on behalf of victims.

 May we continue to stand in justice for the vulnerable and oppressed among us and defend the dignity of every person in our great country.

Defend Dignity Toolkit

We've developed a toolkit for people who are excited to take the next step in helping to defend dignity. This kit contains resources that will fully equip you to become another voice advocating and educating others to get involved. 

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If you suspect someone is being sexually trafficked or exploited please contact Crime Stoppers  1.800.222.8477 or call the Human Trafficking National Crisis Line  1.866.528.7109

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You can do something to change this.  Take the next step and get involved in even one thing because…..Together we can end prostitution!