"At 14 years old, I was forced to sell my body to a middle aged white man who said as I wept, that he would take it easy and then proceeded to have sex with me.  I was also in fear of my life if I didn't follow through.   I was alone and scared and only wished that there was someone there to help me.   He thought this was ok to do this to me, but somehow mainstream society thought I was the one in the wrong. 

As the streets hardened me and death evaded me, I think back to those early days and compare them to today with Bill C - 36 coming to reality, and  I am filled with joy and hope that this is going to save so many girls,  especially First Nation girls like myself, from ever having to experience sexual slavery.  We are vulnerable and left to fend for ourselves with pimps and evil just lurking and ready to grab us and eat us alive.  There will be protection and exit strategies in place to help save these girls and woman who are trapped. 

For those that think prostitution is a chosen profession you are only fooling yourself, because what if your 14 year old came to you and said, I got a job as a prostitute, you would definitely not be jumping up for joy.

I personally want to thank the government for finally stepping up and seeing myself and others in this plight as humans, as equals that deserve protection.   I have been out for a long time but the scars are still there and always will be, but now there is finally hope."