Does it Work?

I’ve been encouraging, informing and even coaxing people to get involved in defending the dignity of every woman in Canada, especially those that cannot defend themselves.  One of the best ways to get involved is by doing something all of us have done at some point in our lives – write a letter.  Even little children write letters – maybe just to Santa Claus or to their Mommy on her birthday, but everyone has done it.  It’s an easy method of communication.  Now with the advent of computers and emails, it means our letters reach their destinations sooner, but it hasn’t changed what we say in our letters.  Letters are a great way to convey our thoughts, our questions, our emotions, our challenges.  And, once they are written down, they are here to stay – unless the receiver chooses to throw them away.  They become a record.

Would you sit down today and write a letter – yes, the old fashioned way – hand written?  And, yes, send it by Canada Post, even though it’s slower than email.  Would you put a stamp on the permanent record of what you think about Canada’s prostitution laws and the women we need to defend?

Your letter could change a life or two or maybe thousands.  Our government leaders need to know that average people like you and me want our prostitution laws changed.  They need to hear why they need changing and what they need to be changed to.  I’ll even make it simple for you.  Here’s a template you can use to help you formulate your words.



Does it work? 

I had the privilege of being on Parliament Hill in several offices of our Members of Parliament this past week.  One of those MPs has many engaged people in their riding that have sent copious letters advocating for the changes Canada needs.  His staff commented that “he realizes this is an issue he needs to pay attention to” because he sees that it matters to his constituents.  I left that office with a huge smile on my face. 

 Letters work!