One by One

One by one by one.  That’s what it is going to take to win this.  We have to influence more people to get involved, even if it means just one at a time.  But, no one will get involved unless they are aware, unless they know about the realities faced by so many women, women in their own back yards in Canada.

That’s why I get up when the sky is still dark to fly on airplanes that leave way too early in the morning and get home way too late at night.   That’s why many people who are already way too busy volunteer even more in cities all across our country.  That’s why we host Forums to provide the public with facts on the issue of prostitution in Canada.

Networking in Edmonton

Edmonton Forum, May 11 

York Police Detective Sargeant Henry DeRuiterThese Forums bring together a wide variety of people that are not often in the same room at the same time.  People who live and do life differently but on this one issue, they put aside all else and come together to inform and influence.  Law enforcers,  politicians,  front line workers, formerly exploited, pastors, analysts and learners.  They speak, they answer questions, they advise and they network.   All working to end this.  To abolish prostitution in Canada.

Panel of ‘experts’

If you would like to see a Forum in your city, let us know.  We do most of the work.  You just come ready to learn how you can get involved in defending dignity for every woman in Canada.  Oh, and bring someone with you.