Prostitution by definition is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.  This payment can take the form of money, food, a place to sleep, a ride home or anything else that meets a need.  Prostitution is the most common endpoint of human trafficking.  Massage parlours, strip clubs and escort service agencies are also common venues for prostitution.


Promise Keeper's Interview

Kirk Giles from Promise Keeper's Canada interviews Glendyne Gerrard on the topic of sexual exploitation and the role men can play in ending it.

Hear their Story

For Women is a 10 minute video that portrays the difficulties that prostitutes encounter in making a life change, how to help them, and how to take a stand for justice.

Shona Stuart shares her real life experience busting the myths about prostitution

A 10 minute video that documents the need to address the demand that drives prostitution and advocate for change in our attitudes, lifestyles and laws.