Katarina MacLeod

Katarina MacLeod is a survivor of exploitation, sexual & physical abuse, drug addiction, kidnapping, and domestic prostitution and trafficking. In 2008, she finally escaped ‘the game’ and now works to raise awareness regarding the truth behind this industry, as well as walk alongside women who, like her, want to start over and realize they cannot do it on their own.   

Katarina has obtained a diploma in Addictions and Community Service, a certificate in Sexual Violence, and a Level 1 certificate in Trauma Counselling for Front Line Workers. She is a wife, a mother to 4 children, and a child of God.  Katarina is living proof of a life restored. She believes strongly that there is beauty to be brought out of the ashes of her past life, and consistently seeks God’s direction in her work.

Her work and advocacy:

Ms. MacLeod has been sharing her story and intimate knowledge of the Canadian sex trade since 2010. She educates at John schools and conferences, as well as to citizen and church groups, to bring awareness around this issue. She has assisted the RCMP, Peel Regional Police, Niagara Police, Hamilton Police and various Victim Services across Ontario.  Katarina worked with anti-human trafficking organization "Walk With Me" during 2010-12 as both a volunteer and a front line Victim Care Worker. She continues to work with all types of girls and women who are at risk for trafficking or prostitution, or are attempting to leave the sex trade. In addition, since the striking down of key prostitution laws in Canada, Katarina has been a strong voice in the media and to government against the legalization of prostitution, and continues to advocate for the protection of exploited women.

Joanna Yee

Rahab Ministry serves Chinese sex workers in Toronto. Since 2009, Joanna has worked with C.A.R.E. (Christian Aid and Relational Evangelism Inc.) to pioneer the Rahab ministry for Chinese women, ensnared in Canada’s sex trade industry. Her rich educational background includes a Master of Divinity Degree from Tyndale Seminary and Master of Science from Queen’s University.
Even though they are rejected and discriminated by the society, Joanna believes everyone is created in the image of God and loved by Jesus Christ. She cares about these women holistically and offers help in their daily needs and provides emergency support. She witnesses Christ to them through deeds and with words.
In 2010 a partnership was formed between Light Patrol and C.A.R.E. to strengthen and expand the Rahab ministry under Joanna Yee’s leadership.
Light Patrol is a program of Youth Unlimited/ Toronto Youth for Christ. It has been assisting and guiding vulnerable young people, helping them transition away from the harmful elements of street life since 2001.
Christian Aid & Relational Evangelism Inc. (C.A.R.E.) was registered as a charitable Christian organization in March 1990. The goal of the organization is to serve and evangelize Asians who, due to some circumstances, are unable to attend church activities.


TIimea E Nagy

Timea E. Nagy is an author, speaker, and advocate on behalf of Human Trafficking victims worldwide who seeks to build public awareness as well as empower citizens, government agencies and law enforcement to combine forces, streamline programs, toughen laws, and enact legislation to wipe out the shameful practice of human slavery.
Before her 20th birthday, Timea made what was to become an extraordinary and life-changing decision to visit and work in Canada for the summer of 1998 to earn extra income during a lull in the music video production market.  She answered an advertisement and spoke with an articulate woman who told her she could work as a housekeeper, nanny or nightclub dancer, which sounded like a good opportunity to explore another culture and save some money for her future. 
On April 18, 1998, Timea arrived at Terminal 3 in the  Pearson International Airport.  Filled with excitement for a summer of adventure, Timea was whisked away by her employers, stripped of her identification, and informed her work contract was in fact  of an exotic dancer  not what an intelligent, sweet and naïve young lady from Hungary would have ever dreamed for herself.  
Here starts the journey of an immigrant sex slave which is recounted in her book, Memoirs of a Sex Slave Survivor.
Timea was forced to work as a sex slave in Toronto, Canada for the following 3 months including numerous occasions of sexual assault at her employers hands as well as a Canadian agent - a living nightmare. 
On August 18, 1998, she miraculously escaped her captors and made it back to Budapest, Hungary. 
But yet again, life had other plans.  While she thought she was returning home to safety, instead she was in even greater danger as the Hungarian police failed to protect her.  Against all reason, she went back to Canada where she actually felt more secure. 


Astrid Bannister

Astrid has over fifteen years experience of working with teenagers and in youth work. And has over ten years experience of administration ranging from Executive Assistant to over four years as the Chief Executive Officer of LAMP - a Christian charity working with homeless young people, in Luton, UK.
Astrid has given a number of seminars to regional and national colleagues, in various roles through-out her career and is comfortable speaking in front of all levels of local, provincial and federal government.
Astrid is currently living in Toronto and is keen to volunteer in any way to work against trafficking within Canada; with a particular focus on ensuring that national legislation is implemented through lobbying and working with elected officials.
After graduating from high school in the UK, Astrid went on to study theology in a bilingual bible school near Paris, France and is fluent (although rusty) in spoken French.


Joy Smith

Joy Smith.png

MP Joy Smith was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004 and was re-elected in 2006 and 2008 for the Manitoba riding of Kildonan – St. Paul.  Since 2007, MP Joy Smith has been Chair of the Standing Committee on Health. 

Joy Smith has been recognized as one of Canada's leading anti-trafficking activists. Since being elected, MP Joy Smith has led the discussion of human trafficking at a national level which has resulted important changes in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Her continued efforts to raise the issue of human trafficking on the Status of Women Committee resulted in an intensive study of the issue by the committee and the release of highly regarded report on human trafficking in 2007.

One of her major achievements was the unanimous passing by the House of Commons in 2007 of her Private Members Motion M-153 on Human Trafficking which called on Parliament to condemn the trafficking of women and children across international borders for the purposes of sexual exploitation and to immediately adopt a comprehensive strategy to combat the trafficking of persons worldwide.

Over the past few years, MP Joy Smith has worked with federal Ministers on key legislation to further combat human trafficking and protect its victims and she has also introduced a number of Private Members Bills and Motions.

In 2009, MP Joy Smith introduced Bill C-268, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (minimum sentence for

offences involving trafficking of persons under the age of eighteen years). This Bill amended Section 279.01 of Canada’s Criminal Code to create a new offence for child trafficking with a five year mandatory penalty. 

Bill C-268 has received broad support from stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking including law enforcement, victims’ services, First Nations representatives, and religious and secular non-governmental organizations. On June 29, 2010, Bill C-268 was granted Royal Assent and became law. The successful passage of a Private Members Bill is rare and it is only the 15th time in the history of the Canada that a Private Members Bill amended the Criminal Code. 

Most recently, MP Joy Smith has released a proposal for a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. Connecting the Dots has been strongly endorsed by law enforcement, agencies and victims groups across Canada.

Connecting the Dots-A Proposal for a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking (pdf)

Joy Smith, MP

Kildonan – St. Paul

Email: smithj8@parl.gc.ca

Phone: 613-992-7148

Russ Sanche

walking with a few friends to explore, dream and build the Kingdom of God
Russell with his wife Cynthia desire to see people of all ages take up the challenge and participate in taking the message and love of Christ into all the world. This means seeing families restored, strengthened and equipped to GO. Russell has been working with the YWAM Canada since 1993 and is a part of the National Leadership Team.  Combating Human Trafficking is the burden that Russell has taken up and he wants to see human slavery around the world stopped. His focus and efforts are to see the most exploited rescued and communities changed so that we would never consider selling a child for someone else’s pleasure.  “Imagine a world where we would show love, respect, and compassion to the poor, the widow, the fatherless, and the wanderer." Russell and Cynthia have four beautiful daughters that are 18, 17, 15 and 7 years of age, and they are living in Halifax.
Check out Russ' website for what's going on now!

Kathleen Quinn

Kathleen Quinn has worked with others since 1992, taking action on the multiple harms generated by sexual exploitation, first as a community volunteer and later as the Executive Director of PAAFE, the Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton.  She was part of a neighbourhood initiative that challenged the City of Edmonton to take action on the demand side (the sex consumers), resulting in the creation of the Prostitution Offender Program in 1996.  Funds generated by this program are used to help heal the harm through poverty relief, counselling, bursaries and support for women who have experienced sexual exploitation.  Kathleen is a strong advocate and speaker on the human rights of vulnerable persons who are exploited by sexual predators, sex consumers, human traffickers, drug traffickers and pimps.   
PAAFE's vision is a community where there is hope, respect and transformation for persons, families and communities impacted by sexual exploitation.  

Kimberly Ferland

Kimberly Ferland is an abolitionist dedicated to standing for freedom and against injustice. She is currently the coordinator of the Edmonton Chapter of ACT (Action Coalition on human Trafficking) Alberta. She speaks to community and faith groups about the realities of labour and sex trafficking in Alberta. Her goal is to raise public awareness and educate individual citizens about what they can do in their communities to stand against the human rights violation of human trafficking. She believes every community member has a part to play and is key to ending modern day slavery.
She is married to Chris and they live in Edmonton. As a couple, they are walking through recovery and healing from the effects of Chris’ long term pornography use. They believe there is healing and share their story to encourage others who may be searching for freedom from pornography and to challenge followers of Jesus to seek after a higher standard of sexual purity and wholeness.
Contact Information:
To book a community awareness session on human trafficking Kimberly may be contacted at edmonton@actalberta.org
Invitations to Chris and Kimberly to share their story may be directed to ckfroeseland@yahoo.ca or call them at home at 780-474-8302.


Mardi Dolfo-Smith

Mardi Dolfo-Smith has worked at Tenth Church in Vancouver since 2001; She is currently the Senior Associate Pastor.  Mardi is passionate about helping people experience the life-changing power of Jesus in the context of Christian community. She is also committed to working towards just laws for marginalized women in Canada. Her own life story has brought Mardi to a place of caring deeply about the health of Christian leadership.  She has an MCS from Regent College in Old Testament and a BSc. from UBC in Microbiology.  Mardi and her husband Toni have 4 teenagers and have been married for 21 years.
Email Mardi at: Mardi@tenth.ca