Katarina MacLeod

Katarina MacLeod is a survivor of exploitation, sexual & physical abuse, drug addiction, kidnapping, and domestic prostitution and trafficking. In 2008, she finally escaped ‘the game’ and now works to raise awareness regarding the truth behind this industry, as well as walk alongside women who, like her, want to start over and realize they cannot do it on their own.   

Katarina has obtained a diploma in Addictions and Community Service, a certificate in Sexual Violence, and a Level 1 certificate in Trauma Counselling for Front Line Workers. She is a wife, a mother to 4 children, and a child of God.  Katarina is living proof of a life restored. She believes strongly that there is beauty to be brought out of the ashes of her past life, and consistently seeks God’s direction in her work.

Her work and advocacy:

Ms. MacLeod has been sharing her story and intimate knowledge of the Canadian sex trade since 2010. She educates at John schools and conferences, as well as to citizen and church groups, to bring awareness around this issue. She has assisted the RCMP, Peel Regional Police, Niagara Police, Hamilton Police and various Victim Services across Ontario.  Katarina worked with anti-human trafficking organization "Walk With Me" during 2010-12 as both a volunteer and a front line Victim Care Worker. She continues to work with all types of girls and women who are at risk for trafficking or prostitution, or are attempting to leave the sex trade. In addition, since the striking down of key prostitution laws in Canada, Katarina has been a strong voice in the media and to government against the legalization of prostitution, and continues to advocate for the protection of exploited women.