Protect Canada's Prostitution Laws

Canada's prostitution laws are outlined in the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA). The government will be considering changes as they create a response to the Federal Justice and Human Rights Committee’s recent review of PCEPA.


We need to act together now to preserve Canada’s prostitution laws.

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Listen to Survivors.

PCEPA follows the approach of the Equality Model to curb sexual exploitation: buyers of sex and third parties are charged while individuals selling sex are given immunity from criminal prosecution. It recognizes that violence and psychological harm are prevalent regardless of where or how prostitution takes place. The goal is to reduce exploitation by diminishing the demand for paid sex and to offer alternatives and supports to those impacted by this harmful system.

The Justice Committee’s Report on PCEPA was tabled on June 22, 2022 and they requested the government to respond within 120 days. Although adopted in late 2014, PCEPA has yet to be fully implemented. There have been positive outcomes in the jurisdictions that have embraced it and this is an opportunity to expand application and supports across the country. On the other hand, there is pressure from some groups to decriminalize sex buyers and third-party profiteers. This would legitimize the buying of sex as an "economic transaction" and silence many of the voices of those who have experienced its harms.

We believe any prostitution law should be survivor-informed. So what do survivors of prostitution have to say about this?

Find out in our new video "End Demand, End Exploitation". It features four Canadian survivors discussing the real harms of prostitution, why Canada's current "End Demand" laws work, and why full decriminalization works against women's equality.

Defend Dignity Presents to Justice Committee

Watch Defend Dignity speak during the Justice Committee’s Review of PCEPA.

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Our 4-part blog series "Prostitution in Canada" is a great resource for better understanding the deeper issues behind prostitution and Canada's prostitution laws.

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