Survivor Support Fund

The Defend Dignity Survivor Support Fund was created to provide accessible financial support to individuals who have experienced sexual exploitation in Canada in any form, such as prostitution, sex trafficking, escorting, working in massage parlours and/or strip clubs, survival sex, and/or involvement in pornography.

The Survivor Support Fund is offered each April and October.

The next intake for the fund opens October 2023.

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Since 2015 we've funded


survivor applications, giving


in support to survivors!

First Response Bags

The purpose of the First Response Bag is to be a gift given to individuals who are experiencing sexual exploitation in the form of prostitution or seeking to exit. The contents of the bag are intended to help with immediate needs.

Individuals or churches can organize and supply these bags to distribute within their communities. Bags include gift cards, toiletries, clothing, and more.

Learn more about what goes in a First Response Bag and how to distribute them!

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