Cosmo Harms

Would you like to see candy rather than Cosmo in your checkout lane?

Cosmo Harms

Join us in asking Walmart Canada and Loblaw Companies to remove the Cosmopolitan magazine from the checkout lanes of all their stores across Canada.

Loblaw’s brands includes Fortino’s, Superstore, No Frills, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and more.

Cosmopolitan magazine is a visually hyper-sexualized and verbally pornographic magazine, glamorizing high-risk sexual behavior and sexual exploitation. 

Their use of cover models and celebrities popular with children and teenagers reveals their strategy to appeal to children with their high-risk sexual messages.

Would you like to see Cosmo magazine disappear from beside the candy at checkout lanes in stores you and your family frequent?

Send the letter on the right.  One copy will go to Walmart Canada and one copy will go to Loblaw Companies.  Be sure to share on social media.  These platforms are powerful attention grabbers for corporate entities. 

Read the letters Defend Dignity sent to Walmart Canada and Loblaw Companies executives.

Cosmopolitan, Candy and Checkouts: pictures from across the country.

Here are resources to help you take further action.

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