First Response Bag

What is a First Response Bag?  It’s a bag of items totaling $250 for a survivor of exploitation.  These items are intended to meet immediate needs.

Check with your police or Victim Services Coordinator in your region to see if these bags would be of use.

The purpose of the First Response Bag is to be a gift given to young girls or women who are exiting their experience of sexual exploitation.

  • Churches, organizations and individuals can collect items and put First Response Bags together.  These bags should then be checked  against the list provided to be sure that all items are included and all items are new.
  • To encourage many churches to get involved, a First Response Bag card can be created for publicity.
  • Everything in a First Response Bag is new; our philosophy is if you would not wear it, then don’t pack it in a First Response Bag.
  • We suggest not including religious items or notes as typically this is frowned upon by police or Victim Services.  You can provide a note card that the individual or church can write in to include in the bag telling the individuals they are loved. 

For more information, contact us.


The Process

It starts with your items or gift cards for women and girls surviving sexual exploitation.

Items are packed with love and delivered to the supporting location.

Dignity and hope are restored to survivors. They will know they're loved.