Glednyne Gerrard

Glendyne Gerrard

Glendyne Gerrard gives direction to Defend Dignity, a national, justice initiative of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) to end commercial, sexual exploitation. Defend Dignity raises awareness through education on the issues of commercial, sexual exploitation and acts as a catalyst for churches and individuals to get involved in being part of the solution to this human rights issue. Advocacy for law reform with our governments and providing aid in the form of resources and training to survivors, organizations and individuals are other facets of Defend Dignity.

Glendyne is married to Douglas and lives in Oakville, Ontario. She has three married children and six grandchildren that bring her much joy. She and Doug were involved in pastoral ministry for 25 years prior to their current denominational work with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Glendyne is a graduate of Canadian Bible College (CBC), now Ambrose University College, with her Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

Circle of Response: Churches want to help exploited people, but where do they begin? Find out practical ways you can get involved to make a lifelong difference in someone's life.