Online Harms Consultation

Jenna Scholz
September 8, 2021

Action Item

Take 10 minutes to email the federal government in response to their public consultation. Advocate for robust policies to stop the spread of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) & the non-consensual sharing of intimate images online.

The government has launched a public consultation to hear Canadian’s views on their proposed new framework for dealing with 5 online harms. As Defend Dignity exists to end sexual exploitation, we are only focusing on 2 of those harms: CSAM and the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. We’d like to see many things changed but have highlighted 3 of our priorities below.


Email your response to: (Digital Citizen Initiative, Department of Canadian Heritage)

Due Date: September 25th, 2021
Ask them to:
  • Ensure that sites who frequently host CSAM and/or intimate images shared without consent do not receive criminal immunity from past offenses and will be held criminally responsible if they do not comply with the regulatory demands


  • Sites must be required to take robust proactive measures to prevent uploading CSAM and/or intimate images shared without consent, including verifying the age & consent of all those depicted prior to hosting content


  • Adopt the proposed changes to strengthen the Mandatory Reporting Act
    • Also, they’ve outlined 2 options of what information sites would be required to give to law enforcement when they report CSAM. Ask them to adopt option #2, which would be user’s basic subscriber information. This would allow law enforcement to locate offenders and rescue victimized children faster.


To get all the details & read the proposed framework: