Protect Canada's Prostitution Laws


Canada's prostitution laws are outlined in the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA).

PCEPA follows the approach of the Equality Model to fight sexual exploitation: buyers of sex, pimps, & sex traffickers are prosecuted while individuals selling sex are given immunity from criminal prosecution.

These laws are being challenged in court and could also be reviewed by the federal government soon. We need to act together to protect Canada’s prostitution legislation.

Please read on, watch the video, and take the action steps below to make a real difference.


Listen to Survivors.

Some special interest groups are lobbying our government to fully decriminalize prostitution in Canada. A constitutional challenge has also been filed.  This would legitimize the buying of sex as an "economic transaction".

We believe any prostitution law should be survivor-informed. So what do survivors of prostitution have to say about this?

Find out in our new video "End Demand, End Exploitation". It features four Canadian survivors discussing the real harms of prostitution, why Canada's current "End Demand" laws work, and why full decriminalization works against women's equality.

Take Action

Your Member of Parliament needs to hear from you!
Ask them to keep PCEPA in place.


Call, email, or visit your MP.

You can also request to set up a Zoom meeting with them.

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Learn More

Our 4-part blog series "Prostitution in Canada" is a great resource for better understanding the deeper issues behind prostitution and Canada's prostitution laws.

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Watch Bill C-36

Watch this Parliamentary Committee video about Bill C-36, Canada's prostitution legislation.

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Did you phone or zoom your MP? If so, it's very helpful for us to hear about your experience so we can follow up with your MP.