Citizens of Regina

Regulating Sexual Exploitation is NOT Possible

Why Take Action?

The City of Regina, SK is considering licensing massage parlours which provide erotic massage. We are not referring to registered massage therapy but rather parlours which provide sexual services. There are currently 19 parlours in Regina. On June 20th City Councillors and the Mayor discussed the City of Regina report that was written to recommend how to manage body rub/massage parlours.

In summary, it was acknowledged that the main concern is safety of workers and preventing exploitation. The Councillors/Mayor decided more research needs to be done. There was concern that there wasn't a proper balance in the report from all perspectives. It is good to see that further research is going to be done before decisions are made.

The expanded report will be released September 6th. A special City Council meeting will occur September 23 at 5:30pm to review it. Public delegations/speeches are welcome. Written speeches (5 minutes) need to be submitted to the City by September 16th. For more information, and to be added to the City’s mailing list, contact Dawn Martin at


Take Action

We believe that banning the parlours (combined with specific bylaws that are used to enforce the ban) is best for the City of Regina and its residents as well as the workers in these parlours.

Please sign the email form letter which will automatically be sent to all Regina Councillors and the Mayor.