Sheila Howlett- Soltysiak

Glendyne Gerrard
Sheila Howlett-Soltysiak was an average middle-aged woman living an average middle-aged life. Library branch supervisor by day and church youth group leader by night, she was content with her journey. Then God decided to spice things up a bit. Next thing she knew, she was walking alongside an amazing woman who was attempting to heal from decades of abuse and exploitation. This involved everything from relationship coach to budget counselor to wardrobe consultant to cheerleader. It's an experience that's been at turns heartbreaking and mind-blowingly rewarding. Now Sheila finds herself involved in all kinds of things that stretch her comfort zone including public speaking, being a founding member of a ministry for exploited women, and wondering what on earth God might have next.

Circle of Response: Churches want to help exploited people, but where do they begin? Find out practical ways you can get involved to make a lifelong difference in someone's life.