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Below are the different sessions we currently offer for our REVEAL webinars. Click a tab to learn more about each session.


Glendyne Gerrard

Why is Porn A Public Health Crisis?; Porn Fuels Trafficking;  Changing Culture Involves You

Glendyne Gerrard gives direction to Defend Dignity, a national, justice initiative of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) to end commercial, sexual exploitation...

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Debbie Pond

Parenting & Porn

Debbie Pond was actively involved in volunteering in the many communities where she served during her 35 year (retired Oct 2013) career as an RCMP Officer...

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Arlene Stinson

Changing Culture Involves You; Women Aren't Watching Porn??

Arlene is the Coordinator of Research and Strategic Development for Defend Dignity. God’s call to break the yoke of oppression is what motivates...

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Julia Beazley

Why is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

Julia Beazley has been with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) since 1999. She works as Director of Public Policy at the Centre for Faith and Public Life in Ottawa...

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Michael Browning

A Therapist's Insights

Michael is the Owner and Clinical Director of The Whitestone Clinic for Counselling and Psychotherapy, in Ottawa. The Whitestone Clinic was the first of its kind in the National Capital Region to offer a specialty for directed treatment for sex addiction...

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Josh Gilman


Josh Gilman is the Executive Director of Strength To Fight. His background is a blend of Ministry and Communications. He worked for 5 years in the Radio Industry, including spending several years as a News Anchor & Reporter...

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Jacqueline Eboh

Growing up Female in a Hyper-Sexualized Culture

Jacqueline Eboh is a McMaster graduate where she did her undergraduate degree in Justice, Political Philosophy and Law. Since graduating Jacqueline has had the opportunity to both research and work with victims of human trafficking. Jacqueline has partnered with Defend Dignity because of her passion to end sexual exploitation in Canada.

Daniel Komori

My Story of Porn Addiction

Daniel Komori is the Associate National Director of Journey Canada, aiding in the development of leadership & programs across the country. He is married Tanya and they have 3 children. Over the years, he has walked with many men through issues of sexual addiction. Daniel holds a Masters of Divinity from Regent College.

Sandy Pettyjohn

Sandy Pettyjohn

Moving Through Betrayal

Sandy specializes in journeying with women who have been sexually betrayed. Having travelled along this path herself, Sandy has over 12 years of recovery experience. She made practical and effective use of personal counselling and diligently worked through recovery materials. Since April 2010, she has facilitated a weekly woman's recovery group and has been instrumental in positively impacting many marriages.

Moving through the healing process is more than making the pain stop.  As a certified life coach, Sandy is passionate about every woman having the opportunity to heal, create a new vision for the future, and thrive!