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Parenting & Porn

In a world full of multiple communication devices, how do we keep our kids
safe from the dangers of internet pornography? Learn about: every day Apps, the kind of porn
your kids are viewing and how to respond to your kids’ exposure.

Presenter: Debbie Pond

My Story of Porn Addiction

Hear one’s man journey through porn addiction. Learn about the addiction cycle and tangible solutions that lead to change.

Presenter: Chris Ferland

Why is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

Learn about how pornography is a social issue that affects
all of us. Just like laws were created to protect us from the harms of tobacco, we need laws in
place to protect us from the harms of porn. Find out what your MP’s are doing on this issue.

Presenter: Julia Beazley or Glendyne Gerrard

Changing Culture Involves You

Learn how the companies we all frequent facilitate access to
pornography. Your participation has resulted in changing company practises. Get the latest
updates and learn what you can do next to make a difference.

Presenter: Glendyne Gerrard and/or Arlene Stinson

Women Aren’t Watching Porn??

Porn addiction affects women too. Hear one woman’s
journey into porn addiction. Women often feel alone in their struggle with pornography. Find
solutions that can lead to change.

Presenter: Kirsten Rumary (Journey Canada) or Arlene Stinson


Porn Harms Relationships

Pornography use creates barriers for relationship intimacy. Hear one couple’s journey through porn addiction and tangible solutions that lead to change.

Presenters: Daniel and Tanya Komori


Teens and young adults, you live life online in a hyper-sexualized culture. Learn how
you can make good choices in a world that pressures you to do otherwise.

Presenter: Josh Gilman

Porn Fuels Trafficking

Victor Malarek says “the message is clear: if prostitution is the main act,
porn is the dress rehearsal.” Pornography and prostitution, human trafficking’s most common
endpoint, go hand in hand.

Presenter: Glendyne Gerrard

A Therapist’s Insights

I view porn. Someone I love views porn. Find out next steps for

Presenter: Michael Browning

Moving Through Betrayal

A spouse’s porn use causes pain and feelings of betrayal. Hear how
one person moved through this trauma. Learn how to reimagine and flourish in your

Presenter: Janet Zacharias or Tanya Komori



Glendyne Gerrard

Why is Porn A Public Health Crisis?; Porn Fuels Trafficking;  Changing Culture Involves You

Glendyne Gerrard gives direction to Defend Dignity, a national, justice initiative of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) to end commercial, sexual exploitation...

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Debbie Pond

Parenting & Porn

Debbie Pond was actively involved in volunteering in the many communities where she served during her 35 year (retired Oct 2013) career as an RCMP Officer...

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Arlene Stinson

Changing Culture Involves You; Women Aren't Watching Porn??

Arlene is the Coordinator of Research and Strategic Development for Defend Dignity. God’s call to break the yoke of oppression is what motivates...

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Julia Beazley

Why is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

Julia Beazley has been with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) since 1999. She works as Director of Public Policy at the Centre for Faith and Public Life in Ottawa...

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Chris Ferland

My Story of Porn Addiction

Chris is the newest member of Defend Dignity's leadership team. After 17 years of dependency on drugs, and alcohol, and pornography to numb the effects of childhood trauma, he found a new and better path towards freedom.

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Michael Browning

A Therapist's Insights

Michael is the Owner and Clinical Director of The Whitestone Clinic for Counselling and Psychotherapy, in Ottawa. The Whitestone Clinic was the first of its kind in the National Capital Region to offer a specialty for directed treatment for sex addiction...

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Tanya Komori

Moving Through Betrayal; Porn Harms Relationships

Tanya has been married to her husband, Daniel, for 15 years and they have 3 children ages 11, 9 and 7. She enjoys spaces of silence and also loves to laugh!

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Kirsten Rumary

Women Aren't Watching Porn??

Kirsten Rumary is the Program Resource Coordinator for Journey Canada, helping with the development of leadership and programs across the country since 2000...

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Josh Gilman


Josh Gilman is the Executive Director of Strength To Fight. His background is a blend of Ministry and Communications. He worked for 5 years in the Radio Industry, including spending several years as a News Anchor & Reporter...

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