Survivor Support Fund

The next intake for the Survivor Support Fund is Fall 2020.

The fund opens to receive applications on October 1, 2020.

All documents linked below will download upon clicking the link.  Be sure to save your files to a location on your computer, before filling out the form, so you can access it in the future.

About the Fund

The Defend Dignity Survivor Support Fund was created to provide accessible financial support to individuals who have experienced sexual exploitation in Canada in any form, such as prostitution, sex trafficking, escorting, working in massage parlours and/or strip clubs, survival sex, and/or involvement in pornography.

Application Process

Please note that this fund can only be accessed by referral from a church or a non-profit agency.

  1. A)  To ensure you qualify with our criteria, please read through the Fund Policy.
  2. B) Complete the Defend Dignity Survivor Support Fund Application. This must include all four of the following components which can be downloaded, filled in and emailed to OR sent by mail to: Survivor Support Fund, 7560 Airport Rd., unit 10, Mississauga, ON, L4T 4H4:

1) A completed application form which can be downloaded by clicking the link.  

2) A letter from the applicant him/herself. The applicant is welcome to have assistance in composing the letter if needed. This letter can be 1-2 pages long and should explain the following:

  • A brief history of the applicant’s story (no details required)
  • Why the applicant needs funds, and what he or she is needing funds for specifically
  • An explanation of how the fund will enable the applicant in his/her journey towards healing from sexual exploitation
  • A brief description of what other avenues the applicant has pursued for financial assistance
  • Why the applicant believes they are an appropriate candidate to receive this fund
  • An explanation of the accountability the individual will hold themselves to should they receive the fund
  • Anything else the individual feels is pertinent to their application for funding

3) A referral letter from the referring church/non-profit agency. The referral letter can be 1-2 pages long and should explain the following:

  • How the person making the referral knows the person in need
  • A brief understanding of how the individual in need has experienced sexual exploitation
  • Why the person making the referral believes the applicant is an appropriate candidate to receive this fund
  • How the fund is intended to be used and by when
  • Any additional information you find relevant to this individual’s application for funding

4) A signed waiver form

No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

C) Decisions regarding the awarding of funds will be made mid-Nov 2020 and funds will be dispersed no later than Dec 1, 2020. For all successful applicants, a Follow-Up Questionnaire must be completed and returned to Defend Dignity by Jan 31, 2021

Please send any questions or concerns by email to Debbie Pond, Survivor Support Fund Coordinator.

Survivor Support Fund Application

Next Intake is Fall 2020