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How to Talk to Kids About Porn – A Free Webinar

Wednesday May 11th
7:00pm-8:30pm EDT

In a world flooded with access to free internet pornography, parents rightfully worry about the vulnerability of their own children. Could they be exposed? At what age? What impact could porn have on a child? When should I talk to my kids? What if I say the wrong thing? Marilyn Evans of Parent’s Aware will be joining us to answer these questions and more. She will share how every parent can confidently empower their children with the protective information they need to stand strong against the harms of pornography! In light of the impacts of porn on children and adults, Defend Dignity’s Choose Change campaign equips people to engage with organizations in our culture to reduce the ease of pornography for the well-being of us all. The 2022-2023 Choose Change campaign will launch during the webinar. There will be a live Q&A; bring your questions!

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REVEAL – Free Webinars

Learn more about the sessions and the speakers.

At our REVEAL webinars you'll learn about our sexually exploitive and pornified culture along with practical ways to respond. You will also learn about the harms of pornography and how to protect yourself and family from its dangers. Mature subject matter will be discussed. Recommended for ages 16+.

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Information Forums - Free Webinars

Defend Dignity forums are where ideas take shape and change begins. A panel of experts in dealing with the problem of sexual exploitation will discuss the issues and provide solutions followed by a time of Q&A.

Panelists include survivors of sexual exploitation, police, local service provider, Public Policy analyst from Ottawa, Director of Defend Dignity.


No events currently scheduled