Porn Culture

Pornography is at the root of most sexual exploitation. It normalizes sexual violence against women and has permeated our culture. We need to understand the dangers of our pornified culture and work to change it.

Pornography: A Public Health Crisis

A significant way to bring change to our pornified culture is by addressing pornography as a public health crisis. To learn more about Defend Dignity’s research and action plan.

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Prostitution by definition is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. This payment can take the form of money, food, a place to sleep, a ride home or anything else that meets a need. Prostitution is the most common endpoint of human trafficking. Massage parlours, strip clubs and escort service agencies are also common venues for prostitution.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, harbouring and/ or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person in order to exploit that person, typically through sexual exploitation or forced labour. It is often described as a modern form of slavery.

Below is a 10 minute video that portrays the difficulties that prostitutes encounter in making a life change, how to help them, and how to take a stand for justice.


The goal of the Choose Change campaign is to reduce the ease of access to violent, sexually explicit images. Today’s “adult content” is misogynistic, violent, degrading, racist, and normalizes rape culture.

Sexual exploitation is a crime, and it is often hidden. Those who are being exploited may not see themselves as victims, and may not come forward to law enforcement because of fear of retaliation from their exploiters.

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