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Your support makes our work possible! From supporting survivors, to launching awareness campaigns, to advocating for good laws—your gift fights sexual exploitation in Canada.

"Being a monthly partner with Defend Dignity enables us to join the cause in making a difference and having an impact in our country.” – G.S.

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Your donation allows us to offer the Survivor Support Fund which has provided over $300,000 in financial support for survivors of sexual exploitation since 2015.


Your gift enables us to tirelessly advocate for better laws that fight sexual exploitation. These include efforts to uphold Canada's prostitution laws (PCEPA) which criminalize demand for paid sex. We also are working to support Age Verification legislation that protects kids from accidental pornography exposure. Our efforts have been recognized and backed by federal MPs and senators.


Your gift equips us to offer in-person and online forums and workshops, as well as major national events such as the Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit. Through these events we help Canadians learn about and engage with critical sexual exploitation issues like prostitution and pornography.

Monthly Donation by Pre-Authorized Payment

If you would like to give through monthly bank withdrawals, fill out the pre-authorized giving form. Withdrawals occur on the 5th of each month. Please email the completed form to [email protected].


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Your gift helps us offer awareness resources and campaigns, such as our youth curriculum for educating junior and senior high youth about sexual exploitation issues.
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Each level demonstrates the impact you can have as you partner with Defend Dignity to accomplish our 3As – Awareness, Advocacy and Aid. By signing up online, your monthly donation will be automatically deducted on the same date each month of the first Defenders Monthly gift. You can sign up today by filling in your desired amount and clicking the Donate button. Thank you for the difference you make as a Monthly Defender!

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Partner Testimonials

I’ll never forget my ‘aha’ moment sitting at my desk, reading reports and watching videos on the realities of prostitution in Canada almost a decade ago now. I remember asking myself, “how could this be happening in Canada on my watch?”

As I plunged deep into learning more about sexual exploitation in Canada, I soon grew to understand that mere head knowledge was not enough. I knew that awareness of the facts without action steps to correct and help would only mean that this exploitation would be perpetuated. So, with the help of many others, Defend Dignity was birthed.

Defend Dignity has always been about looking at the issue of sexual exploitation from the vantage point of root causes. Early in our history, we recognized that we were unique in this regard in Canada. What are the structures and systems that make it easy for this exploitation to take place?

Defend Dignity lobbies the federal government for good laws and policies that protect the oppressed and challenge the notion that purchasing sex is a right of men. We have conveyed our concern to the Justice Minister. We have observed the proceedings of the standing committee on health as it has deliberated on the topic of pornography, another root cause of other forms of sexual exploitation. We have written to the Health Minister to convey our concerns.

In an effort to continue our work and operate from a place of fiscal stability, we are seeking out monthly donors who will commit to the work of Defend Dignity.

Would you consider joining me in becoming a monthly donor today?

With your generous giving, we will continue to seek God for greater impact knowing that it is possible to end sexual exploitation in Canada.

Glendyne Gerrard, Founder of Defend Dignity