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End Demand, End Exploitation

Survivors of prostitution share about the harms of prostitution and why Canada needs to criminalize demand for paid sex.

Walk With Us

An Indigenous-led discussion on the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2-Spirit people in Canada—and how churches need to get informed and involved.

Highlights from the 2023 Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit

Catch a glimpse of our most recent summit held in May 2023.

Pornography: A Public Health Crisis

Survivors of prostitution share about the harms of prostitution and why Canada needs to criminalize demand for paid sex.

Survivors of Body Rub Parlours

Survivors share about the harms of body rub parlours and 7 myths you may not know about.

Survivor Support Fund

Learn more about our Survivor Support Fund.


Youth Curriculum

New and improved!

Sexual exploitation of youth has been an ongoing issue in Canada and our world for generations, there has been growing concern and need for better understanding of the issue in recent years. There is therefore a need for resources that speak specifically to the issue in our own country. We are thrilled to be able to provide a resource that features strong Canadian role models and presents the issue from a distinctly Canadian perspective.

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Youth Worker Training Video

"Not in My Backyard" is intended to guide youth workers in understanding the issues surrounding sexual exploitation of children and youth. Our newly updated "Exposing Exploitation" Youth Curriculum can also act as a companion resource they can use to educate and empower young people.

Watch the training videos in chapters! These training videos come in both English and French.



Walk With Us

Walk With Us is a resource we designed to help churches and individuals learn about and engage with the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-Spirit People (MMIWG2S).

The short 3-part video series and discussion guide is perfect for a small group setting.

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The extensive bibliography is a rich resource featuring Indigenous books, video, art, film, music, podcasts, and more.

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Here are some websites we recommend that contain helpful tools and resources related to sexual exploitation.

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Are you wanting to learn more about the harms and realities of prostitution, human trafficking, pornography addiction, and more?

We have several books available in our shop that can help guide you on these topics. We also have a list of recommended books that you can check out to help you learn more.


Hope Lives Here

Hope Lives Here is a photo exhibit that honours the courage, resilience, faith, determination and perseverance of five amazing women who have survived sexual exploitation.

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Prayer & Bible Studies


Defend Dignity Prayer Guide

Check out the 2017 Defend Dignity Prayer Guide - Download

Pure Justice Bible Study

Check out the Pure Justice Bible study - Download

Judges 19 Bible Study

Check out the Judges 19 study - Download

Bible Studies on Justice

The Bible has much to say about justice. The following studies could be used in your small group or for your personal use as you check out God’s Word on this topic - Download

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