Our Team



Wendy Lowe
Executive Director

Wendy is the Executive Director of Defend Dignity, taking over from the founding Director in June 2023. She has invested her life in the charitable sector and has led many organizations at the executive and board level as a staff member and volunteer. She has also done corporate training as her side hustle, teaching leadership, and team building.  Most of Wendy's career has been spent working with and for those who are marginalized, with a focus on developing leaders. Her passion for the issue of sexual exploitation comes from hearing the stories of teenage girls who were trapped in prostitution when she was a frontline worker in Calgary.  Walking with these women who shared their personal stories forever changed her, and she realized that the solution to this assault on human value and dignity needed to be addressed on many levels, from educating the public to speaking to lawmakers and helping those who are being victimized.  Defend Dignity allows her the privilege to lead a talented and passionate team of staff and volunteers who are committed to working on the issue from all angles. Having spent the bulk of her life in Western Canada she is now a resident of Mississauga, discovering more of the beauty of Canada.

Annie Vinodhini

Operations Director

Annie joined the Defend Dignity team in April 2017. She comes from the hot and humid land of India. A social worker by profession, she has worked in various non-profit organizations handling adoptions, tsunami response, and children’s help lines in India and Canada. She has also completed an internship in Maryland, USA on developmental disabilities. Annie is married to her husband Denver and they have two children, Anna and Amy. Annie was a stay-at-home mom until she felt God was leading her to work with Defend Dignity. She is passionate about the work of Defend Dignity and strongly believes that it is possible to end sexual exploitation in Canada.

Arlene Stinson
Coordinator of Awareness Education
and Volunteers

Arlene is the Coordinator of Research and Corporate Advocacy for Defend Dignity. God’s call to break the yoke of oppression is what motivates Arlene in this work. She is married to Edwin, and they have three daughters, a son-in-law, and three adorable grandchildren. Arlene resides in Regina, where she has worked in human services for many years.

Jenna Scholz
Coordinator of Government Advocacy
and Survivor Support Fund

Jenna is the Coordinator of Government Advocacy and Survivor Support Fund for Defend Dignity. Her passion is prevention: she works to stop exploitation before it even has a chance to occur. Jenna believes in the power of collaboration and is involved in equipping and empowering people to be part of the solution. She finds joy in the simple things: getting lost in the wonder of nature, engaging in deep conversations, and indulging in a good cup of coffee.

Brock TyIer
Communications Coordinator

Brock is the Communications Coordinator for Defend Dignity. He oversees dD's web content, creative projects, videos, channels, and various other communications that contribute to Defend Dignity's online presence and engagement in the fight against sexual exploitation in Canada.

Board of Directors

Julia Ellergodt

Julia has been a member of the Defend Dignity team since its inception. Being involved with Defend Dignity, an organization that is relevant & effective in addressing the issues that surround sexual exploitation is a high value for her.  She loves warm tropical climates & is smitten by her 8 wonderful grandchildren! Julia currently resides in Moose Jaw, SK, where her & her husband Bruce own several businesses.


Susan Holtby

Susan joined Defend Dignity as a volunteer in 2017. After a unique volunteering opportunity ministering to vulnerable women, her eyes were opened to the sexual exploitation happening in Edmonton. Susan has been involved in advocacy to city council, police services and members of parliament. She has helped to bring awareness about the harms of pornography to churches and schools and is passionate about ending sexual exploitation. Susan is married and has four grown children. She enjoys reading, researching, cycling and skiing.

Hennes Doltze

Hennes Doltze is a program manager with the Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services – Winnipeg, Manitoba. He works with men who have exploited vulnerable people for sex or who have been abusive towards their intimate partner. He believes that in order to create safety and security for women it is essential to work with men to combat sexual exploitation and domestic violence. He has a strong interest in social justice and advocacy and has held various positions in probation, child welfare and the mental health field in Canada as well as in Germany. Hennes is married to Sarah and they have three children.

Eric Magarrell

Born and raised in Manitoba, Eric has worked in the financial services industry for 20 years. Moved by the stories of individuals who have been exploited and trafficked in Canada and around the world, he joins the Defend Dignity board in 2024 inspired to make a difference and advocate for change in our nation. Eric lives in Manitoba with his wife Cindy and their 5 children.

Lorenz Berner

Lorenz was introduced to Defend Dignity in 2014, when a former volunteer gave a presentation at church about the pervasive harms of sexual exploitation and how Defend Dignity was fighting to counter them. He began volunteering in 2022 and joined the advisory team (now the board) later the same year. Lorenz’s “day job” as a senior regulatory lawyer gives him insight into the powerful impact that we can have when we band together to increase awareness, share powerful stories, stand against exploitation, and hold out helping hands to our sisters and brothers in need.